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  1. Matt says:

    I was just wondering where in Michigan you were from? I would love to check out the Tri Standard inline press! Hit me up on my email

  2. JW Sherrill says:

    I’m interested in one of your machines. Do you have one available for sale? Interested in loading 45 ACP.

    Thanks for your time.


  3. Matt says:

    Saw your video about me bigger bullet feeder.
    Looks great wanted to see if you can make us a couple of those.
    Also we noticed that you are a reloader if you need any components we are a pretty big dealer for dillon precision as well as a small ammunition Manufacture

  4. Wesley jamison says:

    Watched your video on the DI 9mm. I have been thinking
    about trying this for a while. Did you get to the point of
    putting a parts kit together or some advise>


  5. MARK FORBORD says:

    Dear Sir:
    I am interested in your gas impingement 9mm AR-9, obtaining the details, barrel or information/parts to build one. I am an FFL type 07 holder located in Idaho Falls, ID.
    Mark Forbord

  6. D.R. says:

    I ran across your D.I. AR 9mm vid on YouTube & was impressed. I went on a “snipe hunt” of a build w/ a dedicated 9mm AR lower, (Colt 9mm magwell) over a year ago & got stuck high center on, you guessed it, the upper.

    My objective with a true AR9 pistol is to do away with the buffer entirely. With all the confusion over legality of shouldering a brace by mistake & possibly reclassifying the weapon I don’t even want to be tempted to shoulder or carry that way.

    So I’m completely in the dark about a DI AR9mm upper. Where did you end up on this, do you by chance mfg & sell such parts? If not do you have any advice to share w/ a confused fellow patriot?

    Much thanks for ANY info.


    Hello, I have a Gas Impinged AR9 stuck in my head for a year now. How do I go about getting an upper for it please?? Thanks

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