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Dillon 1050 Bin Supporter…STOP THE SAG!

Many years ago, when I purchased my first Dillon 1050, I fabricated a support arm extension to stop the sagging of my Acrobin. It was tedious and required the drilling of holes through the original Dillon 1050 support to mount the extension. Hence I never made or installed one on my second 1050. Fast forward…
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2021 Kimber Stainless II 9mm review..

If you love to assemble guns, this is the gun for you! I just picked the gun up today from my local FFL. You guys/gals know the magical moment when the FFL puts your new gun on the counter… Yeah, the one that you waited a whole 5 days for, thanks to SMGA’s fast shipping.…
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Smith & Wesson 77A Pump Pellet Air Rifle

I picked up this little abused rifle at a gun show in Missouri. I had never seen a rifle like this and I heard that antique air rifles can be fairly expensive. Knowing nothing about it asked the seller to educate me. He said that he had one as a kid, that it shot great…
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Shooting Chrony Remote Control

Salvaged from Web Archive. Shooting Chrony is out of business and the noplab website that published this article with a copy right of 2003-2014 has been shut down as well. Shooting Chrony offers remote controls for their line of chronographs. The single button model sells for $16 and the 2 button model for $19. If…
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Shooting Chrony PC Serial Interface

Salvaged from Web Archive Shooting Chrony sells a PC interface cable for use with the Chrony for around $23. If the parts to build the interface are not readily available or constructing a board with surface mount parts is an issue then buying the Chrony interface cable is a good choice. The Chrony uses a…
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Shooting Chrony PC Protocol

Salvaged from the web archive. The serial port settings are 4800bps, 8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit. Each line of a response includes a carriage return (0x0D) and line feed (0x0A), the initiating command does not. A serial terminal emulator application, Hyperterm on Windows or Minicom on OS X and Linux, can…
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Mr. BulletFeeder adapter for bullet feeding die

If someone builds a bullet collator, most likely they will opt for the cheaper $30 Hornady bullet feeeding die, but if you do end up buying the excellent bullet feeder die from Mr. Bulletfeeder you will need an adapter.  Here is a way you can quickly make the necessary adapter. Materials needed: 1 x 3/4″…
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How to make a SKS firing pin

For all of you that have a lathe handy with some 1/4″ stainless steel, here are the dimensions to turn a SKS firing pin that uses a s&w revolver return spring.  This design was jot my idea, but I did figure out the dimensions on my own through trial an error…


How to modify a S&W sight for a Taurus M44

Fortunately,  this was such a quick job, I forgot to take pictures of the process itself.  I started with a extra SDM S&W sight I had laying around.  The S&W sight had a square mount and then I overlaid the Taurus sight and scribed the radius onto it.  With a belt sander I reshaped the…
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Motorize! …your RCBS Trimmer

I’m just starting to appreciate the art of benchrest rifle loading.  So I figured I’d share my conversion of my hand powered RCBS Trimmer to a motorized version.