Mar 02

A Cheap 2011 Build?

Cheap is relative term when you look at a 1911. If you’re considering buying a 1911 you can pick one up brand new for about 500 dollars, but if you want a decent quality 1911 you are in the $800+ price range. If you are looking for a 2011 handgun your new price is approximately 1800 dollars and higher. Custom builds run 2500 dollars and more. So, I was wondering what it would cost to build a 2011 with quality parts, but not go overboard?  Here is my attempt at building a 2011 for approximately 900 dollars.

Parts List:

Item Source Price
Caspian Ejector Brownells 20
EB Beavertail Grip Safety Brownells 40
EGW Hammer Strut Brownells 10
STI rear sight Brownells 63
WC Slide Stop Brownells 33
STI Disconnector Brownells 15
STI Firing Pin Brownells 9
STI Guide Rod Brownells 17
Tuff Extractor Brownells 33
WC Barrel Link #3 Brownells 6
WC Value Hammer Brownells 28
WC Value Sear Brownells 16
Frame CK Arms 175
Barrel (9mm) Numrich 118
RemSport Slide (9mm) Remsport 180
DP Front Sight Shooter’s Connection 39
Guide Rod Plug Spare Parts box 0
Kimber Safety Spare Parts box 0
Plunger Spring Spare Parts box 0
Magazine Release Spare Parts box 0
Trigger Spare Parts box 0
Barrel bushing Spare Parts box 0
Main Spring Spare Parts box 0
Recoil Spring Spare Parts box 0
Grip USED 80
Firing Pin Stop Numrich 5
Total 900

Progress and parts pictures:

RemSport Slide after being Tri-Topped, Franche Cut, serrations and sights cut.



Ended up getting a Storm Lake barrel instead for $120:


Grips I picked up from a fellow USPSA competitor:


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Feb 02

2011 Open Gun Build

I finally finished my open 2011 build.  Still have some tweaking to do, but it’s looking good so far.  Generally,  open guns are built on classic frames, but I figured I would go off the reservation on this one.    Here are some of the details:
– Phoenix Trinity LDC frame
– STI slide
– EGW internals
– EGW cone comp
– Burris Fast Fire III with custom mount
– KKM barrel
– …and much more

So here are some Pics!







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Jan 09

TriggerMeister’s FastFire III Bikini Mount

Since I’m building a open gun, I’ve had to weigh a lot of options.  For the optics I was tempted to go with the same old stuff everyone else is shooting.  You know what I’m talking about, the C-More with a mount from Dawson or Cheely.  However, the C-More just rides so high above the barrel, which changes your POI depending on distance.   I had this FF III handy with a really narrow base, so I decided to build a mount for it.  At first I wanted to build it out of Aluminum,  but then I went for stainless steel for esthetics and the weight difference was negligible.

Since I’m waiting on my frame from CK Arms I used my limited as a model.

That’s it for now.  Share your thoughts below!






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Jan 05

Tri-Standard In-line Reloading Press

As a competitive shooter I see reloading as a necessary evil and not as a hobby.  This is contrary to other family members and friends that see reloading a hobby in itself and have no problem reloading 500 rounds on a single stage press, which will last them through the entire nice weather season here in Michigan.  Then there is us, the competitive shooters, that blow through 500 rounds in a weekend between practice and competition. Last year, my friend Craig and I rescued (for a price) 4 Tri-Standard reloading machines from a barn.  At the time I knew nothing about them, besides that one was set-up for .45ACP another for .38 Special, one for .357 Mag and the last one for 9mm.  A internet search provided little results.  However, the thought of possibly reducing the pain of reloading made the purchase so enticing. This article will hopefully assist someone else in their search for answers of the Tri-Standard.

Picture of the partially rebuilt unit:


Before the rebuild:

Rebuild 50% completed:

Stay tuned for updates to see how the rebuild progresses!


P.S. I recently received an email from the son of the guy that bought the company Tri-Standard from Joe Dercks in the 1960’s who said that he had several of these machines and is willing to assist with parts or general questions. If you need to get in contact with him, his name is Randy Gillespie, send me an note below and I will provide you the contact info.

P.P.S.  Here is an interesting exchange I found searching for Joe Dercks on;wap2 :

Kenneth L. Walters:
Commercial loader?  The Steve Odgen I thought I remember was an assistant district attorney.

steven d. ogden:
Ken, i was until 1999, but I also loaded commercially for nearly 25 years.  I stopped in 1995 and disposed of most of my equipment but I have never lost the interest in presses, particularly progressives.  I am now in pursuit of an old Dercks machine.  I met Joe Dercks back in the late 60’s.  I believe that he invented the first reasonably priced and decent automatic loading machine.  The machine was available in both motor and hand power (by a crank).  If I get it, I will try to send you a picture.  Remember the Newcomb in 38 I sold you about 1978?  I still have the other press in 45.

Kenneth L. Walters:
Joe Dircks.  Now there is a name not many know.  I met him when I was 32, 30 years ago.  He use to vacation at a little hot springs somewhere in new mexico.  Went there to meet him.  I remember that he had retired, the first time, the year I was born, 1943.

Joe, of course, made two straightline progressives, the Dircks and the Tri-Standard.  Still have his pictures of those, I think.  The Dircks, as I recall, was totally automated.  Electric motor to power it.  The Tri-Standard, made some years later, was hand powered.   Don’t remember the company history anymore.

One thing you might consider is calling Tony Sailer.  Last I knew he still lived in Owen Wisconsin.  I think that Tony got rid of most of his press collection but you never know.

Are you interested in selling Wemco Machine? Cordially ARMAC

Kenneth L. Walters:
I got an e-mail recently from a fellow whose father bought the rights to the Tri-Standard.  Apparently he has several operational machines.  Don’t know if any are for sale but…

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Dec 26

1911 Single Stack Build

Just a quick update on my previous Sarco Inc blog post. After testing the parts on my Colt Gold Cup I decided to make it into an entire gun. I picked up a Caspian frame from Great Lakes Firearms and Ammunition.  Here are some details around the build:

  • Polished and blued all kit parts
  • Polished and blued barrel
  • Brazo’s fiberoptic front sight
  • Bobbed hammer to reduce weight
  • Hogue 1911 grips
  • Caspian extractor
  • Custom sculpted Colt slide with lowered ejection port
  • Polished slides

So here is the completed 1911 completely blued:

wpid-20140131_174123.jpg wpid-20140131_174129.jpg wpid-20140131_174227.jpg wpid-20140131_174248.jpg wpid-20140131_174257.jpg wpid-20140131_174305.jpg wpid-20140131_174310.jpg wpid-20140131_174326.jpg wpid-20140131_174333.jpg wpid-20140131_174347.jpg wpid-20140131_174357.jpg wpid-20140131_174840.jpg wpid-20140131_174859.jpg wpid-20140131_174923.jpg

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