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Tri-Standard In-line Reloading Press

As a competitive shooter I see reloading as a necessary evil and not as a hobby.  This is contrary to other family members and friends that see reloading a hobby in itself and have no problem reloading 500 rounds on a single stage press, which will last them through the entire nice weather season here…
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1911 Single Stack Build

Just a quick update on my previous Sarco Inc blog post. After testing the parts on my Colt Gold Cup I decided to make it into an entire gun. I picked up a Caspian frame from Great Lakes Firearms and Ammunition.  Here are some details around the build: Polished and blued all kit parts Polished…
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2011 Open Gun Build

It’s that time again.  Today I started with Craig on my 2011 open build.  As usual I started out with a design in my head and then several cuts into it the creative juices took over.  I really like the way the slide turned out, so without further ado here is the start of my…
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WARNING: Please check your candy for *rogue* M&M’s!

Hi!  It’s Mrs. TriggerMeister… and you thought I was all a figment of his imagination!  Ha! I want to tell you a story about how I was trying to get him a very cool, personalized Christmas gift that he could share with others… It just so happens I was cruising through my emails when one…
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Sarco 1911 Parts Kit with Barrel review

I was looking into building a 2011 on the cheap and in my hunt for parts I found this Sarco kit that often gets negative reviews. In fact for all the bad reviews I found, I only found one positive one on Youtube. Surprisingly, these kits are hardly ever in stock and so when I…
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S&W 625 Moon Clip Loader / De-Mooner

Here is how to make a inexpensive Smith and Wesson 625 Mooner / Demooner.  As noted in the video, this is a update, so it shows an enhancement to the one I made previously.  Items needed: 1/2″ ID brass tube Small screw and nut Soldering iron or torch Solder Pipe cutter, dremel, file (something to…
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My new hunting rifle: AR15 in 7.62×39 (Part 3)

First off, the AR15 is the best hunting rifle I’ve used for the area I hunt in — a swamp with dense vegetation and islands of trees.  Navigating through the swamp is difficult and lugging a heavy Remington 7400 or a Browning BAR around becomes a chore — even when slung over the shoulder.  The…
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2013 USPSA Matches in Review

Rob’s Matches: Craig’s Matches: Aaron’s Matches:

Kimber Stainless II: The Overhaul

I’m not quite sure when my wife fell in love with the idea of owning a Kimber.  Nevertheless, in order to support my wife’s dream, I went on the hunt for a Kimber.  After some time we found a Kimber Stainless II.  My wife loved it from the start as it met most of her…
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