S&W 625 Moon Clip Loader / De-Mooner


S&W 625 Moon Clip Loader / De-Mooner

Here is how to make a inexpensive Smith and Wesson 625 Mooner / Demooner.  As noted in the video, this is a update, so it shows an enhancement to the one I made previously.

 Items needed:

  • 1/2″ ID brass tube
  • Small screw and nut
  • Soldering iron or torch
  • Solder
  • Pipe cutter, dremel, file (something to cut the pipe with).


  • Tube holds all the brass in the tube when de-mooning and one can quickly dump them into a bag.
  • Holds the round in place for quick loading of the moon clips
  • Provides extra leverage and is faster than the other low cost tools.