1911 Single Stack Build


1911 Single Stack Build

Just a quick update on my previous Sarco Inc blog post. After testing the parts on my Colt Gold Cup I decided to make it into an entire gun. I picked up a Caspian frame from Great Lakes Firearms and Ammunition.  Here are some details around the build:

  • Polished and blued all kit parts
  • Polished and blued barrel
  • Brazo’s fiberoptic front sight
  • Bobbed hammer to reduce weight
  • Hogue 1911 grips
  • Caspian extractor
  • Custom sculpted Colt slide with lowered ejection port
  • Polished slides

So here is the completed 1911 completely blued:

wpid-20140131_174123.jpg wpid-20140131_174129.jpg wpid-20140131_174227.jpg wpid-20140131_174248.jpg wpid-20140131_174257.jpg wpid-20140131_174305.jpg wpid-20140131_174310.jpg wpid-20140131_174326.jpg wpid-20140131_174333.jpg wpid-20140131_174347.jpg wpid-20140131_174357.jpg wpid-20140131_174840.jpg wpid-20140131_174859.jpg wpid-20140131_174923.jpg