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Make your own Hornady EZject Sub-Plate

Hello, again.  ’tis is the season for reloading once again!  I’ve probably run about 8000 rounds through my Hornady LNL Progressive Press since the last major reloading post and shot about 6000 rounds in that time, excluding .22’s of course.  Now, it is back to bulk reloading for the winter to get me caught up for next…
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The “Hostage Shot” with a .25 ACP!?

…is something probably most people would not consider.  Let me back up.  Let me back way up. Last week I decided to clear out every gun that I have never shot. This included 2 rifles and 1 pistol.  All of these guns were “impulse purchases” that I *never* shot, breaking my long term rule of…
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Review: Glock 27 Advantage Arms .22 conversion kit

Last weekend my daughter and I entered a local non-sanctioned IDPA match at a local sportsmen club. While that may not seem impressive, I should mention that my daughter is 9 years young and she out-shot some adults. The nice thing about doing a non-sanctioned match is that there are some liberties that one generally…
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Cheap S&W 625 Moon Tool

I recently purchased a very nice S&W 625 Performance Center from a colleague of mine. When I purchased it, I actually knew very little about that model; the only thing that I was sure of is that he has very nice taste in guns and that whatever I buy from him is always a great…
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Making the Hornady LNL Case Feeder .40 cal/Glock friendly

If you had problems with your Hornady Case Feeder and .40 cal brass you might want try this solution. In less than an hour you can convert your small case tube to a .40 cal friendly device and even reliably feed Glock fired brass.

Hornady LNL Die Conversion Bushing – Installation

Here is the scenario:  I have a Hornady LNL Progressive Press and a RCBS single stage Rock Chucker.  Interchanging the dies between the two is a pain, since you have to remove them from one press and screw them into another.  This takes time a fiddling to get them adjusted just right each time. Thanks…
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Hornady Progressive Press Shell Plates (old vs. new) – Part 2

Life was great with the new press after I had “fine-tuned” it with the new Ez-Ject base plate and the #45 shell plate I ordered from Midway.  A couple of issues had disappeared, with the new system.  The retainer spring would faithfully drop into the “eject groove”, which is the area where the retainer spring ducks…
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Hornady Progressive Press Shell Plates (old vs. new) – Part 1

Recently, I acquired a brand new Hornady Lock-n-Load progressive press from “Phil” a guy that was “getting out of it”.  He purchased the press a couple of years earlier and NEVER USED it.  It was sold to me with the comment: “I hear it requires some tinkering.”  Having never reloaded before, all I knew I was getting…
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