Aug 03

Mr. Bulletfeeder on a Hornady LNL

The Mr. Bulletfeeder is setup for a Dillon reloading press such as the 650 or the 1050. However, I have a Hornady press, so this post is focused on what one needs to make the Mr Bulletfeeder work on a Hornady LNL-AP.  This will hopefully get the next reloader going faster with the Mr BF & LNL-AP combo.

What you need:

  • First, order your Mr Bulletfeeder directly from Rick (the inventor) @ RAK Systems
  • Tell Rick that you need a Hornady powder funnel with your order.
  • Then visit your local hardware store and buy a 3′ pre-cut  3/8″ solid aluminium rod to extend the hanging rods ($6)
  • Also buy a light long spring from the Hardware store.  I found a Utility Ext Spring (1/4″ x 2″ x .018″) that works well ($3)
  • …and you need a zip tie that you hopefully already have at home.

First, unpack your new Mr. Bulletfeeder.  Before you assemble the hanging system completely, you will need to replace the vertical rods with two rods that you need to cut to length from the 3/8″ rod purchased above.  Replace the shorter rod with a 9.5″  rod.  Then replace the longer piece with a 12″ rod.  See the picture below for reference.  This will allow the Mr. Bulletfeeder to hang low enough to still utilize the spring shaped bullet tube without interfering with the bullet seating die’s action.

Picture:  Longer rods to allow Mr. Bullet to hang low enough to not stretch the bullet tube and reach the bullet feeder die.



Next we’re on to the bullet seating die.  DO NOT TIGHTEN THE DIE BODY WITH ANY TOOLS!  The die body is very thin and finger tight is good enough.  The die works by being pushed up to release a bullet and then dropping down to hold on to the next bullet.  To ensure that the die body drops after the bullet is placed on the case, we are going to add the long spring that will compress the die even if there are some light horizontal forces on the die body.  To do this we are going to use the existing red zip tie that holds the switch in place and then we’ll add another zip tie to the threaded part of the die body (white zip tie).  Simply place each end of the spring on one zip tie and you are done.

Picture 2:  Picture of light spring attached.


Picture 3:  Die body installed next to the powder drop.  There is very little space, but it works.


That’s it!  Enjoy reloading with Mr. Bullet on your Hornady press!

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Jun 29

New Store: Great Lakes Firearms and Ammunition


It’s been several years since there has been a true gun store in Sparta, MI, and a month ago the two co-owners Matt and Nick opened up their new store on 410 E. Division.  The store has a nice organized look with a good selection of handguns and some rifles.  Most of their inventory is new guns.  They also produce re-manufactured ammunition so even during these desperate times you can buy a gun and ammo.  Store hours are: Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Contact Information:

Great Lakes Firearms & Ammunition
410 E. Division
Suite C
Sparta, MI 49345
Phone: 616-887-6808




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Feb 28

Rob’s 1911/2011 USPSA Limited Gun Build

There is a custom gun and a “C U S T O M – G U N”. Many believe that if you swap out a couple of parts that you have a custom gun. Well, not really. You may have customized it a bit, but at the end of the day you still have an off the rack gun.

So here is the pictorial of my gun build that Craig and did. Enjoy!

Step 1 – The frame and slide in fake fitted (slide is only sitting on one rail for the picture).  The frame and slide are in the form they were recieved:

Step 2 – The initial design in pencil.  This is easy.  if you mess up you can erase it and start over….

Step 3 – Slide is trammed in and Craig is showing me how to do the first cut.  Notepad at the ready for machining instructions.
Step 4 – Day 1.  The slide is done!  Cut and blasted with aluminium oxide.
Step 5 – Slide and Frame are cut and fitted together!  Looking good!
Step 6 – Starting the sanding process and removing the tool marks.  This is the initial phase.
Step 7 – Now everything has been fitted including the barrel.  While I like STI, I would recommend a Schuemann or Bar-Sto barrel over an STI.  STI might be cheaper, but you spend sooo much extra time on fitting.
Step 8 – The other side
Step 9 – Back apart and ready for prep for blueing…
Step 10 – Sanded to the 600 grit level.  Lots of sandpaper and kerosene (water may work, but kerosene prevents rust)
Step 11 – …and a 1000 grit wet sanded.  Now we are ready for blueing:

Final picture:



…here are some pictures:


…and here is another gun that Craig built for Aaron:

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Feb 03

How to make a cheap digital trigger pull gauge


Really, not a whole lot to this project. I bought a $4 dollar electronic hanging scale from Amazon. This one does not have a MAX memory button so you just have to watch the scale when testing.

All you need to do is take a old plastic hanger that has a metal hook. Take the hook off and straighten it out. Then shape it like in the picture above. The little bend in the hook locks onto the trigger of the gun.

Now remove the original hook from the scale (the one to the right in the picture) and replace it with the one you just made.

That’s it.



P.S. Make sure your firearm is unloaded! Always follow all safety precautions.

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