Cheap S&W 625 Moon Tool


Cheap S&W 625 Moon Tool

I recently purchased a very nice S&W 625 Performance Center from a colleague of mine. When I purchased it, I actually knew very little about that model; the only thing that I was sure of is that he has very nice taste in guns and that whatever I buy from him is always a great shooter. OK… on this one I was not quite sure, since he had never fired it. Long story short, he shot the first clip through it since one should shoot each gun one owns at least once, and then I had the honors. Behold! It was an awesome shooter. I would generally consider myself a “semi-automatic” guy, but this revolver can probably sway anyone’s mind.

Back to the topic of this post. Loading and unloading the moon clips is not as fun as shooting the gun. However, with a couple of parts from the local hardware store, you can build your very own “Moon Tool” without having to wait for your online order of a simple piece of bent metal that will only De-Moon. I have to give credit to a couple of YouTube videos that inspired this tool.

The parts needed:
1 x brass tube that will fit over the round (.45 ACP: OD: 17/32 Wall:  0.014)
1 x screw or hitch pin
1 x rubber o-ring
1 x Dremel or file & saw

Total Cost:  less than $5

Here is a video:

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