How to modify a S&W sight for a Taurus M44




Fortunately,  this was such a quick job, I forgot to take pictures of the process itself.  I started with a extra SDM S&W sight I had laying around.  The S&W sight had a square mount and then I overlaid the Taurus sight and scribed the radius onto it.  With a belt sander I reshaped the sight to scribed line.  Then with a file remove some metal from each side, just enough for it to fit the mount on the M44.  Now take a drill bit that is smaller than the pin and start a hole through the pin hole into the sight, just enough where you can see it.  Then take the sight out and finish drilling the hole on a drill press. A little cold blueing will cover the bare metal and reinstall.  I added some loctite red to give it a little extra hold and a gunsmith recommended it as a general good practice when staking sites.  Remember to let it cure and the gunsmith went as far as not returning the gun until it was cured!

Enjoy your new sight!

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