Mr. Bulletfeeder on a Hornady LNL


Mr. Bulletfeeder on a Hornady LNL

The Mr. Bulletfeeder is setup for a Dillon reloading press such as the 650 or the 1050. However, I have a Hornady press, so this post is focused on what one needs to make the Mr Bulletfeeder work on a Hornady LNL-AP.  This will hopefully get the next reloader going faster with the Mr BF & LNL-AP combo.

What you need:

  • First, order your Mr Bulletfeeder directly from Rick (the inventor) @ RAK Systems
  • Tell Rick that you need a Hornady powder funnel with your order.
  • Then visit your local hardware store and buy a 3′ pre-cut  3/8″ solid aluminium rod to extend the hanging rods ($6)
  • Also buy a light long spring from the Hardware store.  I found a Utility Ext Spring (1/4″ x 2″ x .018″) that works well ($3)
  • …and you need a zip tie that you hopefully already have at home.

First, unpack your new Mr. Bulletfeeder.  Before you assemble the hanging system completely, you will need to replace the vertical rods with two rods that you need to cut to length from the 3/8″ rod purchased above.  Replace the shorter rod with a 9.5″  rod.  Then replace the longer piece with a 12″ rod.  See the picture below for reference.  This will allow the Mr. Bulletfeeder to hang low enough to still utilize the spring shaped bullet tube without interfering with the bullet seating die’s action.

Picture:  Longer rods to allow Mr. Bullet to hang low enough to not stretch the bullet tube and reach the bullet feeder die.



Next we’re on to the bullet seating die.  DO NOT TIGHTEN THE DIE BODY WITH ANY TOOLS!  The die body is very thin and finger tight is good enough.  The die works by being pushed up to release a bullet and then dropping down to hold on to the next bullet.  To ensure that the die body drops after the bullet is placed on the case, we are going to add the long spring that will compress the die even if there are some light horizontal forces on the die body.  To do this we are going to use the existing red zip tie that holds the switch in place and then we’ll add another zip tie to the threaded part of the die body (white zip tie).  Simply place each end of the spring on one zip tie and you are done.

Picture 2:  Picture of light spring attached.


Picture 3:  Die body installed next to the powder drop.  There is very little space, but it works.


That’s it!  Enjoy reloading with Mr. Bullet on your Hornady press!

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  1. Randy V says:

    If I have Hornady PTX funnels for my powder measure in the appropriate caliber, I do not need the Hornady powder funnel.. Is that true?

  2. Max says:

    Why exactly do you need the spring? What happens, if you do not use it?

    Thanks for the info!

    • TM says:

      The spring prevents the bullet feeder from staying “open” too long and dropping more than one bullet. I now actually use two springs to have equal pull on both sides. If you have zero horizontal pull from the guide (the spring like piece that guides the bullet from the collator to the dropper) you can probably get away without it.

  3. Rick Tompkins says:

    Your picture of the showing how the power drop assembly is oriented to permit the bullet feed die in the next location was a life saver. It’s a tight fit and you can’t unscrew the whole assembly, but it’s the only way to go. It’s interesting that you mounted the collator on the left front. I would have thought the right side would make for better routing of the slinky tube.

    • TM says:

      Thanks, Rick. The mount on the left was necessary, because of an air return duct on the right ;). I only have very little in my reloading area…

      • Rick Tompkins says:

        The BF is working very well, but I have a decent amount of interference between the lower spring fitting and the powder funnel. My powder die is screwed down quite a bit because a)I’m using the Mr. BF expander which is short and b)I’m loading 9mm. I’m going to put in my longer universal expander tomorrow and see how much that helps.

        Of course if I add the springs that would definitely overcome the bit of friction remaining after I’ve “dremeled” a bit of material. I also may sand off just a tiny bit of that lower spring fitting.

  4. TM says:

    Rick, i would not dremmel anything if not needed. What dies are you using and in what order? I’ve loaded 9mm as well and my setup is:
    RCBS resizing die, Hornady powder measure with Mr. B expander powder funnel, Bullet dropper, RCBS seating die and then the Lee Factory Crimp die (best die ever).

    Is the interference between the powder drop and the bullet dropper? If there is too much upward pull you can stretch out the slinky 😉

  5. Scott says:

    I know this is an older post but I was wondering where you picked up the springs from. I have the same issue with the die staying open and dropping too many bullets at a time.

    • TM says:

      Hi Scott,

      I picked a set up at my local hardware store. They had a much better selection than the big box home improvement stores. If all else fails you can order them online, but I dont have a link handy and it would probably cost more with shipping.

      • Scott Bramley says:

        Thank you sir, I think I found the correct ones at Grainer and ordered some…they are 2″ OAL I hope these are the correct ones I got some rounds I need to load

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