A Cheap 2011 Build?

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A Cheap 2011 Build?

Cheap is relative term when you look at a 1911. If you’re considering buying a 1911 you can pick one up brand new for about 500 dollars, but if you want a decent quality 1911 you are in the $800+ price range. If you are looking for a 2011 handgun your new price is approximately 1800 dollars and higher. Custom builds run 2500 dollars and more. So, I was wondering what it would cost to build a 2011 with quality parts, but not go overboard?  Here is my attempt at building a 2011 for approximately 900 dollars.

Parts List:

Item Source Price
Caspian Ejector Brownells 20
EB Beavertail Grip Safety Brownells 40
EGW Hammer Strut Brownells 10
STI rear sight Brownells 63
WC Slide Stop Brownells 33
STI Disconnector Brownells 15
STI Firing Pin Brownells 9
STI Guide Rod Brownells 17
Tuff Extractor Brownells 33
WC Barrel Link #3 Brownells 6
WC Value Hammer Brownells 28
WC Value Sear Brownells 16
Frame CK Arms 175
Barrel (9mm) Numrich 118
RemSport Slide (9mm) Remsport 180
DP Front Sight Shooter’s Connection 39
Guide Rod Plug Spare Parts box 0
Kimber Safety Spare Parts box 0
Plunger Spring Spare Parts box 0
Magazine Release Spare Parts box 0
Trigger Spare Parts box 0
Barrel bushing Spare Parts box 0
Main Spring Spare Parts box 0
Recoil Spring Spare Parts box 0
Grip USED 80
Firing Pin Stop Numrich 5
Total 900

Progress and parts pictures:

RemSport Slide after being Tri-Topped, Franche Cut, serrations and sights cut.



Ended up getting a Storm Lake barrel instead for $120:


Grips I picked up from a fellow USPSA competitor:


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  1. Holyhotloads says:


    I know this is a million years old, but how did the build work out? I’m thinking of doing the same thing over this next year.

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