Advantage Arms Glock 17 Gen4 Conversion Kit


Advantage Arms Glock 17 Gen4 Conversion Kit

Despite my not so favorable review about the AA customer service, I did end up buying another AA conversion kit and when one looks at the features they still have the best conversion kits on the market.  I bought this kit last Fall, so this a post is actually about an issues I had with my new kit.

First off, I want to say THANKS to the tech that helped me out in getting the conversion kit locking back on the last round again. Whoever you may be, hiding behind the, you are my friend.  My 22kits tech helped me get the replacement parts and figured out the issue that was causing excessive wear.  If you stumbled across this post because you are having a similar issue, here is a picture of what went wrong:


AA would have gladly fixed my issue by sending the conversion kit in, but my daughter needed the kit sooner so “22kits” did what he (or she?) could so I could to get me the right parts and fix it myself (at my own risk).  The parts that they sent me where called a slide catch insert and a new recoil spring assembly.  Turns out that the recoil buffer was not long enough on mine and may have contributed to the premature failure.

Secondly, I must still ask AA to consider getting more live phone support.  I used the “pick-up the phone approach” with my service issue and ended up with the e-mail communications technique in the end to resolve my problem.  I like talking to a person when I have a problem, but I understand that from a business perspective it is better to use digital/written communications.  AA does everything they can to steer one toward the digital information/communication approach with their webpage and with their phone prompts.  In fact, they don’t even require an RMA number, which I assume is done to minimize labor cost.  Call me old fashioned, but I like the phone call to get a read on the the other person.

Third, I must say that the new magazine design is much better, allowing easy dis-assembly for cleaning purposes and it avoids issues that I talked about in my previous review.

Last but not least, let me leave you with a video of the flawless function of the the conversion kit:

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